»Huda luknja, also named "cave pearl of the isolated karst", is one of the greatest natural sight seeing in the carinthia-šalek regia. It is also one of the oldest caves arranged for tourists in Slovenia. It was already open for visitors in 1895. The cave attracts the tourists, pilgrims and researchers, due to its underground beauty and numerous of speciality in the immediate vicinity, steel today. The length of the cave, as we know it at the moment, is over 2300 m, and some indicators show it might be a lot more extensive. Until today the visitors have only been able to see Vodni rov. This particular part, caled Medvedji rov, has remained totally intact because of its recent discovery (l.1975).

We are inviting everybody, who wishes to experience the karst underground, which has become increasingly popular for of spending your spare time more dynamically, to spend two hours of your time with properly qualified and tested cavers, a little differently. First we shell go through Lisicnica, which is one of the entrances in to the cave. After a while we found ourselves in Medvedji rov and in the firs part there are layers of sandbank, rubble and clay. We can also see the bones of prehistoric cave bears. After seeing the pit you might want to experience a 30 m descent to Vodni rov, trough which we can exit the cave. After a successful return there can be a small »the end party«.

It is our responsibility to provide you the proper equipment. The only thing we expect from you is that you are fit, cheerful and that you do your best to contribute to the safety and satisfaction of the whole group.

It is hard to describe the feelings of the firs explorers of the karst beauty. Let as try to keep it this way.

After a preliminary announcement on GSM 041/586-655 or in the speleological lodge of the club "Speleos - siga", there are two variants:

  1. Tourist visit of the "Huda luknja" cave - You can see only the last part of the cave. It is easy access for everyone. You don't need special equipment. Price 2 € for a person. Duration a half of hour.
  2. Speleological trekking through the Huda luknja cave - An adventurous examination of underworld accompanied by cave explorers. Duration about 3 hours. Price 30 €. Price include guiding and speleological equipment.